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The 2020 is called by many as the year of the change, mostly thanks to the Green New Deal. This package of measures was launched by the EU to address the climate emergency. In short terms, it's about making Europe the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050 and to cut GHG emissions by at least 50% by 2030. In this frame, Smart City projects play a crucial role in achieving the goals.

In this issue, you'll read stories from MAtchUP partners and external voices about the most critical and most common problems that cities are tackling. During the last months, our cities focused mostly on urban issues like mobility and climate change, air pollution, energy consumption, citizen engagement. You can find news and articles dedicated to these topics, with figures, insights and picture galleries.

We've also published a series of video interviews about last innovations in Valencia: mobility information boards, sensors to monitor energy consumption, public transports' sensors to cut air pollution, energy-saving programs and apps for schools and citizens. They're all collected on our YouTube channel. Next time will be the turn of Antalya and Dresden as well!

Last but not least, we ended 2019 with our first meeting in a follower city, and it was a great meeting! Engaging fellow cities and making them committed to the project is a crucial goal for MAtchUP. Watch the video interviews to Ostend, Kerava and Skopje!

All in all, our articles tell you about our success stories by showing both the challenging side and the positive one. Get inspiration, tell us your stories and let your comments on our website, Twitter or LinkedIn. The more we share, the more we learn.

In the next months, we will publish new video interviews; we're working on new articles; and, we have some "top-secrets matchup-colourful-style" ideas in mind.
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Ernesto Faubel
Ayuntamiento de València
MAtchUP Coordinator

The term smart cities mainly refers to the field of technology. Some fear that the intelligent cities of the future will be massively robotic, with algorithms dominating people. Hence the need for more citizen engagement in designing the digital revolution of their urban spaces
The air in Skopje, North Macedonia, is one of the most polluted in the world because of the city’s natural position and people's reliance on fossil fuels. However, over recent years, many citizens have started demonstrating against this plague, pushing policymakers to follow their new will.
Rather than silent observers that learn and replicate, the MAtchUP follower cities are active and crucial players that enrich the project and its partners. Last December the city of Skopje was the first follower city to host a project meeting. And it turned out to be a great decision.
 City of Dresden, DREWAG and Vonovia actively engage in climate protection
The winners of the Open Data Hackathon developed an application for a Dresden tour based on a dynamic route guidance and the "VV Wo?" project, which uses voice recognition to provide information on public transport connections in Dresden.
Smart City EU-Project MAtchUP tests intelligent building control technology for suitability for everyday use
New interactive information panels will help public transport users in Valencia. Passengers will be able to choose in real-time the best and quickest way to reach their destination: bus, metro, tram, train or – in a near-future - rented electric vehicle
In Valencia's maritime area, state-of-the-art technologies are being used to improve energy efficiency in buildings and to change collective behaviours,
The Finnish town of Kerava is one of the few European cities that will use electric buses powered by electrochemical cells combining hydrogen and oxygen
The coastal city of Ostend, Belgium, is set to trial new technologies to improve the quality of services for its inhabitants, a population that triples in the tourist season
In Valencia, Spain, hybrid and electric buses will be monitored with sensors to detect power consumption and passenger comfort. Researchers will use this data to improve the performances of public transport and reduce pollution.
In Valencia, Spain, researchers have developed an information system to help households to manage their energy consumption better and to use renewable energy sources to reduce CO2 emissions.
The City Council of Valencia, Spain, has launched an initiative to reduce the consumption of energy and water in Municipal schools. It is called 50/50 as half of the money saved is run by pupils and the other half by the school management
SmartEnCity Academy for Zero Carbon Transition

"The SmartEnCity Academy for Zero Carbon Transition” is an online training course for cities, municipalities and smart decision making.
Summary of the City-to-City-Learning Programme

The City-to-City-Learning Programme comes to a successful end after six consecutive and gradually accumulated sessions led by each REPLICATE city.
When clean energy becomes a reality

The Pamplona City Council has recently installed the prototype Plug&Play solar roof on the Municipal Police building to provide energy for self-consumption.
11-12 Feb 2020, ExCel London
Mobility re-imagined
Smart CIties UK 2020
13 Feb 2020, London
Connect. Innovate. Transform.
EIP-SCC Matchmaking Event
20 Feb 2020, Brussels
City Representatives meet Investors
Intelligent Urban Transport Systems Conference
3 Mar 2020, Karlsruhe (Germany)
Digital services for digital cities.
9 Mar 2020, Barcelona (Spain)
Urban resilience in a context of climate change
Future urban mobility 2020
19 Mar 2020, The Hague (Netherlands)
Mobility and urbanisation go hand in hand.

Nordic Smart Cities
19 Mar 2020, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Planning, designing & building our cities.
Urban Future Global Conference
1 April 2020, Lisbon (Portugal)
CityChangers from all over the world
City Trans Ukraine 2020 Expo and Conference
02 April 2020, Kyiv (Ukraine)
Transport and the Modern City
5th International Urban e-Planning Conference
06 April 2020, Lisbon (Portugal)
We are all actors of the changes to come!
Smarter life in Human cities
12 May 2020, Oslo (Norway)
Meet the City changers
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