Workshop: Positive energy districts performance assessment

ONLINE - 22 Oct 21
Methodologies, key performance indicators and future outlooks

The concept of Positive Energy Districts (PED) is central to the achievement of existing European policies objectives regarding energy efficiency in the built environment and the climate change mitigation aims for 2050 and beyond.

A PED is however an intricate reality with technological, environmental, economic, social interconnected interactions which makes the assessment of its performances a complex task, requiring often interdisciplinary approaches.

The Workshop, organized jointly by International Energy Agency – Energy in Buildings and Communities 83 and the EU H2020 Smart cities & communities collaboration framework task group “Monitoring & Evaluation”, aims at discussing performance assessment of positive energy districts including methodologies, key performance indicators along with their strengths and weaknesses, while sharing experiences and discussing on potential improvements on the state of the art.

The Workshop will therefore put together experiences from the International Energy Agency, the COST Action, EERA, the Smart Cities and Communities Network as well as several Horizon 2020projects through brief presentations and an interactive section to discuss potential advancements in PEDs performance evaluation and assessment methodologies.

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Introduction: Francesco Reda (VTT, Operating Agent Of Annex 83)

IEA EBC Annex 83 outlook on positive energy districts performance assessment: Francesco Guarino (University Of Palermo, Annex 83 subtask C Leader)

Sustainable plus energy neighbourhoods (SPEN) evaluation framework by Syn.Ikia Project: Jaume Salom (Irec, Senior Researcher)

Overview on H2020 PED projects assessment approach: Adriano Bisello (Eurac Research, Annex 83 Subtask C leader)

Review methods in the monitoring, evaluation and replication of PEDs and PED Labs (Ongoing work of the cost action PED-Eu-NET): Esra Demir (Demir Enerji) & Hans-Martin Neumann (Austrian Institute Of Technology, AIT)

PED Evaluation within EERA And other research networks: Hans-Martin Neumann (Austrian Institute Oftechnology, Coordinator Eerajp Smart Cities)

Co-Creation on PED evaluation methods: Adriano Bisello (Eurac Research, Annex 83 Subtask C leader) & Aapo Huovila (VTT, Chair of EU SCC monitoring & Evaluation Task Group)

Closing remarks: Francesco Guarino (University Of Palermo, Annex 83 subtask C Leader) & Aapo Huovila (VTT, Chair of EU SCC Monitoring & Evaluation Task Group)

22 Oct 2021 from 14:00 to 16:00 (CEST)


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