Dissemination and Communication Plan

06 Dec 2018 -

This report includes the main C&D strategy that will be implemented to disseminate and communicate the MAtchUP concepts and achievements to a wide range of targets identified by the project, through a mix of tools and media and by the means of a wise balance of online and offline activities.

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Project flyer

29 Jun 2018 -

D8.4 presents the layout of the project flyer together with the texts included in the English version of this communication material.

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Short presentation video

15 May 2018 -

The current deliverable D8.3 - Short Presentation Video, presents the steps the project went through to devise, design, produce and distribute its first video.

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Project website

15 May 2018 -

This deliverable contains all the main information regarding the MAtchUP project website.

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