Supporting urban decision-making processes through supply-side technologies characterisation

13 Dec 2023 - Paper

In urban planning, it is important to understand how the needs of a city are met with the existing technologies, and with this end, their main features need to be explored. Additionally, in urban decisionmaking processes, it is required ensuring the bankability of solutions to attract private financing as well as to creating public value for society.

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How can cities effectively contribute towards decarbonisation targets? A downscaling method to assess the alignment of local energy plans with national strategies

01 Aug 2023 - Paper

Following the example of national pledges and strategies to tackle climate change, cities are mobilising themselves towards decarbonisation, playing a key role in the achievement of those commitments due to their relevance within national energy systems. However, despite cities ambitions, there is a need for coordinating the efforts from national and local scales in order to ensure the effective fulfilment of energy and climate goals at both levels. In this paper a method for the transposition of national energy planning to the local level is proposed based on the downscaling, adaptation, and allocation of specific targets and energy measures from the national plan to the city scale.

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MatchUP innovation handbook – Digital

27 Sep 2022 -

This book provides an overview of the most successful, innovative, and replicable solutions developed by the project and includes insights on each technology. The areas explored are energy, mobility, and ICT.

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New concept of high performance district – Dresden, 1st version

16 Feb 2022 - Deliverable

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