lighthouse cities

Our palette is looking forward to start its road trip.

The first actions of the MAtchUP project will be carried out in three European cities that will play the role of lighthouse where innovative solutions will be designed and adopted.

These cities will implement a series of pilot demonstrations on urban transformation in the energy and mobility sectors by monitoring and evaluating the technological, economic and social standards during at least two years of data collection. These cities will serve as models for replicability in the future across other European cities and abroad.

follower cities

We are seeking to build a strong community.

Knowledge exchange and transfer is key to the success of MAtchUP. Because of that, a set of cities tagged as Follower cities will have the key role to replicate the solutions adopted in the Lighthouse cities. Their direct involvement is crucial for the success of the project and they’ll paly an active role from the very beginning.  The final scope is to replicate solutions that  have proven to deliver results and to maximise their potential.

Together lighthouse and follower cities will build a joint and strong community that will represent a model of progress and  smart cooperation.