How we transform cities

The majority of human beings lives in overcrowded cities where pollution, traffic and energy inefficiency are a daily occurrence. MAtchUP wants to redesign cities with a set of technical solutions in the energy, mobility and ICT sectors and additional non-technical solutions, such as specific social engagement activities. To do this, different key actors – policy makers, universities, industry, investors and, most importantly, citizens – will join forces to develop smart models of innovation, inclusion and prosperity to restore cities’ liveability.

energy Solutions

Less energy, more solutions.

MAtchUP aims to achieve high-performance districts through improvements in buildings’ energy efficiency, high integration of renewables in the energy supply, implementation of advanced energy management systems combined with innovative storage systems maximizing their potential synergies through the different energy grids and mobility infrastructures.

Moreover, an advanced management of the urban energy infrastructures will be set up, integrating innovative storage technologies to increase the global performance and RES contribution. Several innovative management systems will be deployed, from smart meters to overall recharging management solutions to reduce the grid impact.

Mobility Solutions

Smart solutions, better mobility.

New electromobility solutions, both for persons and goods, will be implemented in MAtchUP through new electric vehicles (EV) and charging infrastructure. Special emphasis will be placed on conventional vehicles replacement, innovative charging infrastructure, multimodality strategies and improved logistic solutions.

More than 170 EV, 122 charging points, demand management and operation of charging systems for the e-bus fleet, last mile logistics based on e-Bikes and multimodal hubs are the most relevant actions that MAtchUP will implement in this area.

ICT Solutions

Connected cities, liveable lives.

MAtchUP will develop ICT solutions for improved planning management, control and maintenance of physical urban infrastructures and operational technologies in buildings, energy and transport, and that enable better services for individuals and businesses.

An Open Specifications ICT concept will be established, defining a common approach in all functional requirements, software architecture and data structures to be designed and implemented. Following this open specification concept, the current existing ICT Urban Platforms of Valencia, Dresden and Antalya, will be improved with ICT solutions fully integrating at urban level to complement the demonstration.

citizens Solutions

Smart cities, citizens’ cities.

A set of relevant non-technical actions supporting the technical demonstrations will be deployed. These actions will be aimed at updating policies in the cities, like redefining the taxes structure in order to favour the development of the smart city concept, updating or upgrading the SEAP/SECAPs in a continuous basis, implementing ambitious citizens’ engagement strategies and finally implementing an ambitions staff exchange and city mentoring procedure, in which all insights acquired during the project will be communicated to other cities of the consortium, cities participating in the Covenant of Mayors initiative and to the general public. Moreover, innovative business models will be deployed and validated.