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Urban planning

MAtchUP will foster urban transformation through advanced urban planning.

Based on the project outcomes, new ambitious planning will be developed for MAtchUP cities adopting a holistic approach, including initial diagnosis, urban integrated planning for city transformation, upscaling and replication planning and proposal of modification of the major city commitment in terms of sustainability that are the Sustainable Energy Action Plans (in both SEAP/SECAPs version) on the basis of the results of this global process.

This integrated urban planning will be main tool to reach relevant transformation, upscaling and replication strategies after pilot’s deployment as mechanism to ensure high impact and real and well-established commitment, which are the main key elements to achieve substantial changes in a medium term.

Urban planning

This solution in Valencia

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  • Upscaling Plan
  • SEAP to SECAP upgrade and monitoring of actions
  • Updating SUMP

This solution in Dresden

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  • Dresden Upscaling Plan
  • SECAP monitoring and update of actions
  • Update of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

This solution in Antalya

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  • Antalya Upscaling Plan
  • SEAP to SECAP Upgrade and monitoring of actions
  • Update of SUMobility Plan