Mobility solution

Electric vehicles

Electric mobility is widely tackled by MAtchUP fostering changes into electric vehicles both as public and private level.

Electric bus fleets will be increased in 24 new electrical buses in Valencia, Dresden and Antalya. 94 e-cars and e-vans and 67 e-bikes, e-motorbikes and other last mile e-vehicles will in parallel electrify the individual mobility giving more visibility to these solutions and increasing the possibilities of their rolling-out after the project lifetime.

All these vehicles will be monitored along the project and their data will be integrated into the urban platforms to be used for statistics and data-mining in order to determine their performance. It is estimated that more than 115,000 € per year will be saved in the three lighthouse cities due to mobility actions, showcasing the clear benefits from electro-mobility.

Electric vehicles

This solution in Valencia

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  • 101 local government e-Vehicles
  • 10 fully e-Buses + 8 hybrid
  • 2 e-bikes for disabled mobility and 3 e-bikes last mile logistics

This solution in Dresden

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  • e-mobility for public sector: 4 e-Buses and 20 e-cars
  • 5 e-cars for housing sector

This solution in Antalya

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  • 2 e-Buses
  • 20 e-vehicles for municipality fleet
  • 30 e-bikes