Citizens solution

Citizens’ engagement

MAtchUP will involve citizens as pillars of the urban transformation.

When citizen participation campaigns are implemented effectively, more citizens are brought into the decision-making process. MAtchUP aims to strengthen the city transformation strategies in a sustainable and inclusive manner and to maximise the replicability and upscaling of the demonstration actions. This approach incorporates citizen engagement, specifically in its treatment of inclusion. Part of the inclusion entails empowering citizens to participate in the planning process and integrating citizen voice in the replication and scale up plans.

To maximise the citizen engagement, MAtchUP will provide an easy-to-use platform for citizens to engage with the city services, develop a comprehensive communication strategy to increase citizens’ knowledge about sustainable urban transformation strategies, empower citizens by giving some authority and power in the decision-making process, provide incentives and recognition and define clear objectives and measurement tools to track citizen engagement initiatives.

Citizens’ engagement

This solution in Valencia

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  • Participation, Education and Co-creation (#DecidimVLC)
  • Local toolkit for development of Near Zero Emission Buildings
  • Local toolkit for production, storage and self-consumption of renewable energy at the district scale
  • Local strategy of Social Services and Local Energy Office to mitigate energy poverty at the district scale
  • Thermographic and energy production mapping or end-users engagement

This solution in Dresden

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  • Analysis and evaluation of participation processes
  • Citizen Feedback Channel for traffic management
  • Open City Dresden

This solution in Antalya

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  • Participation – cocreation model in Antalya
  • Citizens’ feedback channel
  • Local toolkit for production, storage and self-consumption of RES district scale