Mobility solution

Demand management

A demand management system will be implemented to optimise the charging demand and the use of the grid.

The integration of data coming from the monitoring equipment of the charging stations will be developed in order to feed the urban platforms of the cities. Besides, with the information that comes from the monitoring system, a demand management service will be implemented as an urban platform service with the objective of optimally managing the charging demand from the electric vehicles and charging systems.

In this way, the service will provide smart charging functionalities to the fleet operators and city managers, including scheduling and billing capabilities in order to perform demand management operations to optimise the use of the grid.

Demand management

This solution in Valencia

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  • 3 V2G pilots
  • Public charging system management
  • Demand management and operation of charging systems for the e-Bus fleet

This solution in Dresden

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  • Optimal use of Charging Infrastructure
  • Smart management for electromobility

This solution in Antalya

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  • Management of charging systems
  • Management of E-fleet