Energy solution

Building integrated RES

An increased penetration of renewable energy into the buildings’ energy mix is amongst the priorities of MAtchUP.

Solutions integrating several technologies based on one or more renewable energy sources (and their combination with energy storage systems where necessary) will be developed in order to achieve the highest possible share of renewable energy. Photovoltaic systems, biomass plants and solar thermal collectors will be integrated into the buildings in order to produce renewable electricity to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.

Building integrated RES

This solution in Valencia

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  • 223 kW PV integration
  • 300 kW biomass plant (“Lonja de pescadores”)
  • Solar thermal integration

This solution in Dresden

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  • 226 kWp photovoltaic system on existing buildings
  • 8.7 kWp photovoltaic system in District Future House

This solution in Antalya

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  • PV installation for public buildings
  • Solar thermal collectors’ installation for residential buildings