The City of Solidarity

Rised from the ashes to become a green and smart city.

The City of Skopje is the capital of the Republic of North Macedonia. Situated in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, the city captivates with its beauty through its numerous cultural, historical and natural monuments that were developed through the centuries. It rose as a phoenix from the ashes during its most devastating moments. Skopje proved to be a good host of the great number of tourists and visitors who have enjoyed its embrace and have left with unforgettable positive experiences.

The rapid development of Skopje after the Second World War is stopped by the catastrophic earthquake that struck the city on July 26, 1963. In those difficult moments, the whole world rallied to help Skopje, and aid for the ruined city arrived from all sides of the planet. Skopje to this day carries the epithet City of Solidarity and unselfishly offers a helping hand to all who need it. After the disaster, the city of Skopje showed how with strong will, unity and effort it can rise from the ashes and be rebuilt in a modern and functional city.

Today, Skopje is a modern metropolis that pulses round-the-clock with its own specific energy and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors daily. The interweaving of modern architectural works with the old town neighbourhoods and the cultural and historical monuments of the city give it a unique quality and stimulate the interest of tourists for research. Skopje also offers visitors its natural beauties – the Park-forest “Vodno”, the Nature Park “Gazi Baba”, the Canyon Matka and many other locations. This natural surroundings of the city provide the citizens with great opportunities for recreation and stay in nature, as well as for sports. For the recreational sport enthusiasts, the roller-bicycle track along the quay of the river Vardar is particularly attractive, Skopje cultivates a dynamic night life, with numerous restaurants, cafes and discos that offer entertainment until the early hours of the morning.

The City of Skopje actively participates in a number of European projects and initiatives, in which it exchanges significant experiences, practices and innovative solutions in order to achieve the planned goals for becoming a green capital and a smart city in the near future. At the same time, a number of projects for urban mobility, energy efficiency and adjustment of the overall infrastructure for the needs of the citizens are realized.