Antalya moving forward with its Smart City District

Innovation, technology and sustainability: key ingredients of the New Kepez Santral

27 Jul 2018 - NEWS RELEASE

With around 2.4 million inhabitants, the historical city of Antalya is the 5th largest city in Turkey. Located on the Mediterranean, in the south-west of the country, well-known as international touristic destination, Antalya looks forward to achieving sustainable local development by providing a high quality of life, skilled employment and competitive service, agricultural and clean industries.

The first of the many “smart districts” targeted by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of urban transformation is the New Kepez Santral District. Through MAtchUP, the district will create a 2 Billion USD economy for Antalya and will be the first of its kind where a ‘smart city’ is being created from scratch using several smart city initiatives. Infrastructures, services, smart homes and integrated technology solutions will be provided to 80,000 residents who are expected to live and work in the region by 2019.



Due to serious earthquake risks in all the region, as first step the old buildings of the Kapez Central area have been demolished to be replaced by a new high-performance district where the MAtchUP demo site is located. Residents were involved in the renovation process of the area since the very beginning and were promptly reinstalled in temporary locations.

Currently, the second step as well has been accomplished: the idea was to reallocate the apartments through a lottery process, well studied and defined by the project team. Finally, the lottery was held last February, when 5073 units in the first phase of the construction have been delivered to more than 3265 families based on their rights within an official notary-based lottery.

Being present at the lottery, Mayor of Antalya City, Mr. Menderes Türel, said

For more than 30 years, we have been dreaming about this urban transformation project. We are going to deliver the deeds of the new flats to the right owners in 2019. We had said that Kepez Santral area would develop dramatically through this project, it is already understood from the interest of people during the lottery process that this will happen indeed.

The Kepez Santral district is fast turning into an innovative Smart District mostly dedicated to pedestrians and bicycles, which is expected to serve as a role model for the Southern Europe and Middle East regions to add innovation and sustainability to their cities as well.