Antalya, pioneer in energy storage systems

Antalya will be the first municipality in Turkey to produce and store its own electricity with "Energy Storage System" by building a solar energy power plant

07 Dec 2020 - NEWS RELEASE

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality keeps integrating the development policies and climate change policies by following Turkey’s national vision on climate change. By increasing the use of clean and renewable energy resources and by extending energy efficiency, Antalya is building solar energy power plants on the roofs of the main service building and Antalya Ulaşım A.Ş.

The metropolitan city has finally completed the tender for the storage system roof type to install a solar energy power plant. In the following days, the installation of roof type solar energy power plant will start. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality actively participates in the studies to fighting climate change and aims to be among the cities that can offer a high-quality life with a low level of pollution.