e-bikes in Valencia are good for the environment, consumers and local shopkeepers

Valencia (Spain) - The neighbours of Poblats Marítims, the city district included in MAtchUP project, will have a free initiative to take the purchase that they make in the neighbourhood shops to their home on electric bikes

09 Sep 2021 - NEWS RELEASE

The Valencia City Council, with Las Naves innovation centre, has launched the local initiative “De la cistella a casa (from the basket to your home) to promote sustainable mobility during daily purchases in neighbourhood shops.

The action addresses all the people who live in Poblats Marítims and who want their purchase to be taken home for free and sustainably. Indeed, once they have made their purchase in one of the shops participating in the initiative, they can ask for home delivery and get their shopping at home through an e-bike service.

The councillor for innovation of the Valencia City Council, Carlos Galiana, explained that “ “De la cistella a casa” is an innovative way of combining sustainable mobility with the promotion of purchases in local businesses. With this pilot experience, the city wants to value delivery electric bicycles as a clean, economical and sustainable means of transport that helps to reduce traffic congestion and pollution in Valencia, among many other factors”.

Specifically, the initiative will use electric delivery bicycles that can reach an average of 25km/h, with a range of 45km and that can carry up to a load of 70 kg.

The initiative is part of the MAtchUP actions to smarten the urban mobility of its cities, turn municipalities into more liveable and sustainable places and meet the EU environmental goals.

All those who want to participate, both neighbours who have made a purchase and the merchants themselves, only have to write an email to  delacistellaacasa@lasnaves.com to specify the place and date of collection and delivery of the merchandise.