Energy poverty: how Valencia tackles the risk

Valencia City Council provides support to 50 homes at risk of energy poverty in La Malva-rosa and Natzaret.

26 Jul 2018 - NEWS RELEASE

Adequate warmth, cooling, lighting and the energy to power appliances are essential services needed to guarantee a decent standard of living and citizens’ health. Furthermore, access to these energy services empowers European citizens to fulfill their potential and enhances social inclusion. Energy poor households experience inadequate levels of these essential energy services, due to a combination of high energy expenditure, low household incomes, inefficient buildings and appliances, and specific household energy needs. It is estimated that more than 50 million households in the European Union are experiencing energy poverty. Energy poverty is a distinct form of poverty associated with a range of adverse consequences for people’s health and wellbeing. […] Addressing energy poverty has the potential to bring multiple benefits, including less money spent by governments on health, reduced air pollution, better comfort and wellbeing, improved household budgets, and increased economic activity

(EU Energy Observatory of poverty).

As part of the EU project MAtchUP, Valencia is currently trying to tackle this problem with local actions dedicated to improve the quality of life of its citizens. The Valencia City Council and Las Naves will take part in a campaign to mitigate energy poverty in the Poblats Matítims district, through energy audits in 50 households.

This campaign is a further step into the “Green Office” project that started last year. It was developed by a Valencian company called Aeioluz with the support of the Councilman Office for Social and Occupational Issues.

As a follow-up for this initiative, a citizen campaign will take place in the Poblats Marítims district in order to carry out an energy audit in 50 households at risk of energy poverty. Audits will be executed by the Technological Institute for Energy, partner in the MAtchUP project, together with the Valencia City Council and Las Naves.

In order to develop a proper analysis, this campaign will provide an energy efficiency kit to families involved. This kit will contain tools or applications such as energy-saving lights, flow reducers for showers, thermometers for window and door insulation, and so on.

This social action will foster energy supply at homes. It will be carried out in La Malva-rosa and Natzaret, two neighborhoods that benefited last year from a very positive experience thanks to the “Green Office”. Twenty-one families received counseling and managed to save 580 euros per year on energy.