Facing the scarcity of resources and the need for liveable cities in South Turkey

Antalya discusses clean energy, mobility and resilient lifestyles at the EU Mobility Week and the 14th World Energy Congress.

09 Nov 2021 - NEWS RELEASE

“We’re working meticulously on clean energy,” Antalya Mayor Muhittin Böcek said at the opening of the 14th World Energy Congress and Fair. “Thanks to the energy-saving action plan in place, we are moving towards our goal to scale down on CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030“.

The energy need in Antalya is constantly increasing, due to the growth of the population, the development of new technologies and excessive consumption.
In this scenario, meeting the targets set by the Paris Climate Agreement is becoming extremely urgent, “We import 65% of our energy from abroad and energy costs are increasing day by day. There’s an urgent need to apply the right energy policies, to get stronger and more independent, and to contribute to the welfare of our people” says the Mayor.

However, despite the energy crisis, Antalya owns the first storage solar power plant in Turkey. “We produce energy with an installed power of 6.4 megawatts thanks to our 9 solar power plants,” continues the Mayor. “We help nearly 20 thousand farmers by meeting 70% of the energy needs of 46 irrigation cooperatives. In the last two years, we provided over 18 million euros to support the energy field. In our 4 waste facilities, we produce energy from waste to meet the energy need of 130,000 houses, with an installed power of 40.3 megawatts”.

To improve urban mobility, Antalya has an extensive plan to introduce electric public vehicles and e-charging stations, rail systems, bicycle paths, and smart traffic lights. “We started using hybrid scooters and electric vehicles in our vehicle fleet and we have a plan to increase their availability and their use. Thanks to the measures introduced so far, we have saved over 42 million euros in 2.5 years with 33% decrease in the use of fuel in municipal vehicles compared to 2019”.

During the last EU Mobility Week, lots of events involving citizens and city staff were organised to raise awareness on green mobility. The city coordinated free cycling training for adults and children between 8 and 65 years old, as well as a cycling tour where a huge procession of about 250 people cycled around the city. “We wanted to highlight the benefit of alternative means of transport, and encourage the citizens of Antalya to live an active and healthy life. We were happy to see a great participation of people of all ages” says Türker Ahmet Özay, Head of Youth and Sports Services Department of the Metropolitan Municipality. Finally, during the EU Mobility Week, a car-free day was organised to encourage citizens of all ages to test new ways of enjoying their city.