First Dresden Mobility Point opened at Pirnaischer Platz

MOBI point: the first Dresden Mobility Point is now available

21 Sep 2018 - PRESS RELEASE

©Ina Helzig – Head of the climate protection staff, LHD

As part of the European Mobility Week 2018, the Dresden Public Transport Authority (DVB) and the City of Dresden opened the first Dresden Mobility Point together with their partners. It bundles the city and environmentally friendly mobility offers tram, bus, rental bike and car as well as charging points for e-cars in one place and thus enables a quick change between different means of transport. The so-called MOBI point is located in the immediate vicinity of the stop on the north-south axis on part of the parking space between Ringstrasse and St. Petersburger Strasse. Pirnaischer Platz is the first of six pilot locations, in total a network of 76 mobility points is to be created in Dresden.
“Our aim is to reduce private motorisation and use of motor vehicles in order to reduce noise, space requirements and air pollution. Mobility points are an important component of our strategy. For their construction and operation, we have formed a network of local partners,” explains Raoul Schmidt-Lamontain, Mayor of Construction. “We are very pleased that DVB has made such a strong commitment to this issue. Also actively involved are DREWAG – Stadtwerke Dresden GmbH with charging points for electric cars, the DDV media group with sz-bike, the company teilAuto as car sharing operator and the Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe. “The mobility points should make the alternatives to individual car traffic more visible and invite easy use,” says Schmidt-Lamontain.
Dresden has the goal of reducing greenhouse gases by 40 percent between 2005 and 2030. The mobility sector is responsible for around 30 percent of all CO2 emissions in Dresden. Unfortunately, so far there have been hardly any declines in this area. The mobility point at Pirnaischer Platz and the others that will follow soon will help the citizens of Dresden to switch more easily to climate-friendly means of transport,” says Ina Helzig, head of the climate protection staff.

New MOBI brand for multimobile offers DVB Board Member Andreas Hemmersbach explains: “We want to link car sharing, bike rental and individual electric mobility simply and conveniently with public transport. In this way, our customers can experience new mobility options in practice. The offers are grouped under the new MOBI brand”. At one MOBI point you will find all these multimobile transport options.

©Ina Helzig – Head of the climate protection staff, LHD

Hub for train, bus, sz-bike, teilAuto and e-charging stations.

In the immediate vicinity of the stops for six tram and two bus lines at Pirnaischer Platz, the new MOBIpunkt offers space for twelve sz-bikes, four car-sharing cars, two charging stations for e-cars and a public bicycle pump. Two of teilAuto’s car-sharing cars have an electric drive. Regular DVB customers enjoy price advantages when using bike and car sharing. In addition, they can now also use their chip card for car sharing. Prior to this, a one-off registration in the DVB Customer Centre is required. The previous access with the teilAuto customer card or app will of course continue to work.
In the future, all MOBI offers will be usable via one app. The application is currently still under development and will be presented by the end of the year. Next year, the outfit of the rental bikes will also change – sz-bike will become MOBIbike.

Support through national climate protection initiative

The construction costs for the first mobility point at Pirnaischer Platz amount to around 345,000 euros. The largest share of this is accounted for by the construction of a compact transformer station for the power supply and the fast-charging columns for electric cars. At Pirnaischer Platz, the overall construction effort is somewhat higher compared to the coming mobility points. This is due to the protective measures for the existing tree population and the size of the plant.
DVB receives financial support from the national climate protection initiative for the first Mobility Point and the five other pilot locations. For the MOBIpunkt at Pirnaischer Platz this is about 73,000 euros.

As part of the EU Smart City  MAtchUP project, customer requirements for a mobility point were determined during the development phase. DVB had set up a test version of a mobility point at the Trachenberge depot.

Original article by DVB
Translation by MAtchUP Office Dresden