The innovative and electric side of Valencia

The MAtchUP Project is implementing a pilot in the Poblats Marítims district in València named “El Marítim Innova”: Intelligent sensors have been installed in 18 hybrid and electric buses to gather information to improve energy efficiency and decision-making processes.

19 Sep 2020 - PRESS RELEASE

September 10th 2020 – The EU-funded project has installed a set of sensors on 16 hybrid and 2 electric buses from the EMT fleet to monitor in real-time different elements such as speed, temperature, and battery charge during the first stage.

Carlos Galiana, Councilman of Innovation at the València City Council, stated that “thanks to this action, we are contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint of urban mobility and we are improving the energy efficiency through innovation and technology”. This action is aligned with the Missions València 2030 innovation strategy, one of the aims of which is to make València a more sustainable and healthier city by means of mobility.

Collected data are sent directly to the VLCi platform by the València City Council, where they are processed and managed in order to provide recommendations on more efficient driving patterns leading to a reduction in the consumption of energy that does not undermine the service quality, taking into account different variables.

“With this project, EMT shows its commitment to innovation in order to move forward towards more intelligent management of sustainable mobility. The introduction of technology in the public transport system allows us to improve the energy efficiency of our fleet, to make it more sustainable and environmentally-friendly, as well offering a better quality service to our citizens”, in the words of Giuseppe Grezzi, Councilman of Sustainable Mobility.

Besides, this intelligent measurement and information management system, when it is fully developed, will allow the improvement of the fleet charging system, which will also have a positive impact on cost-saving.

Energy efficiency and sustainable mobility through “El Marítin Innova”

Following the goal of further promoting sustainable mobility, Galiana recalled that, in the Poblats Marítims district, recently 7 solar multi-modal electronic ink panels have been installed. Thanks to these panels, citizens can look up useful information on public transport possibilities in their surroundings, like metro stations, EMT bus stops, public rental bike stations and possible incidents affecting these transport services.

Besides, all residents in the Poblats Marítims district can easily learn how to save electricity and gas thanks to the advice of the “El Marítim Innova” team. This team is currently implementing a home energy-efficiency campaign through smart sensors. Residents can contact the team via e-mail to or by calling 96 391 04 77.