MAtchUP Newsletter 3

Welcome to the third issue of our colourful newsletter

12 Sep 2019 - NEWSLETTER

Welcome to a new issue of our colourful newsletter!
We want you to celebrate with us the end of our second year with lots of fresh news. We hope that they can be inspiring and encouraging for all of you!

As you will see, in the Lighthouse cities of Valencia, Dresden and Antalya, we have been intensively working on a series of tasks. Firstly, we have been working on solutions to reduce energy poverty. Secondly, we have been developing sustainable mobility actions and have written our first article about it. Lastly, we have been purchasing equipment and are deeply involved in innovative public procurement processes for the cities.

I am also proud to announce that Dresden got the second prize for the 7th SUMP award, organised by the EU in the framework of the European Smart Mobility Week. The EU also awarded the Cabanyal District of Valencia for its urban regeneration plan.

In June, we organised our first Study Tour in Valencia, at the occasion of our last project meeting. It was the occasion to shoot 13 interviews with our partners and local partner form Valencia. The first interview is already available but we have a full calendar within the next months, so stay tuned!

Schools were also under the spotlight of our last activities. Both Valencia and Dresden are cooperating with local primary schools to share good practices and teach children what a smart city is and how they can contribute to green their city.

Let us not forget about our Follower cities! The fruitful car sharing experience of the city of Kerava, for instance, was chosen by the SCIS (Smart Cities and Information Systems) for its video competition and will be made available soon. Also, the next project meeting will be hosted by the follower city of Skopje.

I hope you will enjoy our newsletter and will help us repaint our cities in order to design more liveable and citizen-centric environments!
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Ernesto Faubel
Ayuntamiento de València
MAtchUP Coordinator