New e-bus in Skopje

Skopje is now ranked among the European metropolitan cities using electric buses.

14 May 2018 - NEWS RELEASE

Skopje, one of the MAtchUP Follower cities, is currently improving its mobility services with the introduction of e-vehicles. The new bus is made according to the latest technological trends in this industry. It is an energy efficient bus that consumes a minimum amount of electricity and is equipped with a quick charging system. The biggest advantage is that there is no emission that pollutes the air.

This is a great opportunity that will enrich us with new experiences for the city, which we can further use in planning the modernization of the public city transport, unlike before, when the buses were purchased exclusively because of their appearance. Investing in public transport that is energy efficient and does not pollute the air is an investment in creating a healthy environment. Addressing the decennial public transport problem in Skopje is part of the city’s priorities list. This year we envisaged a budget for subsidies for procurement of eco-buses in the amount of 100 million denars and for private transporters in the amount of 20 million denars because Skopje deserves bus transport that will not pollute, that will be energy efficient and that will fully meet the needs of the citizens who use it. We are aware that this does not fully solve the problem of Skopje pollution during the winter period, but we are working to eliminate the pollutants one by one in the long run – said Mayor Petre Shilegov.

The installation of two e-charging stations on the first and last stops on the bus line was done by EVN Macedonia.
Two gas buses are already operating in Skopje, line no.5 and line no.2.