Solar power from the dwelling building

In the EU project MAtchUP, Vonovia tenants in the city district Johannstadt can use energy from a photovoltaic system.

14 Feb 2019 - PRESS RELEASE

The dwelling block is located in the middle of the Johannstadt district, nearby of a supermarket and the youth center “Trinitatiskirche”. DREWAG is building, operating and financing a photovoltaic system here on Blasewitzer Strasse 36 a-c. It has a nominal output of 33 kilowatt peak (kWp) and can generate around 29,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. Assembly work on the Vonovia landlord’s property began at the end of October 2018. After completion of the plant, the 61 tenants will be able to obtain solar power directly from their own roof. For this purpose, they will have to conclude a solar power contract with DREWAG.

Project manager Franz Härting explains: “The tenants can thus make an active contribution to climate protection and energy savings. However, solar power generation and electricity consumption do not always coincide. This is why DREWAG also supplies green electricity from the public grid.” The tenant is thus always reliably supplied with energy, even when the sun is not shining.

PV installation. Copyright: DREWAG

The solar power generated directly on site also offers cost savings. With a consumption of 1,400 kWh per year, costs are reduced by up to ten percent. Intelligent measuring devices record the consumption of the individual tenants to the nearest hour. Assumptions on electricity consumption and solar power generation are compared with the actual daily values. In Dresden there are even more similar projects at the “Kräuterterrassen” of the Eisenbahner-Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft (EWG) in Gorbitz and on the Lauschigwiesenweg in Klotzsche. Soon, the Johannstadt housing cooperative (WGJ) will also be offering the smart tenant model in its future house on Haydnstraße in Striesen. DREWAG coordinator in MAtchUP project, Alexander Haidan: “With this pilot project we lay the foundation-stone for variously developable smart services of the DREWAG for housing industry and tenants.”

DREWAG intends to gain extensive knowledge from this for the future. In another sub-project, the company wants to open up the field of electric mobility to Vonovia’s tenants and craftsmen. “In the following project phases, we will develop solutions and services for craftsmen and tenants based on our intelligent measuring systems,” adds Alexander Haidan.


Cover pcture copyright: Volker Bellman