The City of Skopje and Pe Jsp-Skopje buy new ecological buses on gas

Next year, at least 30 new eco-fuel buses will be driven down the Skopje streets and will replace the old bus fleet of the public enterprise JSP-Skopje.

17 Oct 2018 - NEWS RELEASE

PE JSP-Skopje has decided to borrow 10 million euros through an international credit institution with an interest rate of 1%, 3 years grace period and 7 years repayment, without a grace period included, to procure new eco-buses. This loan can only be secured once a state guarantee is obtained. Having determined the type of payment method for the new buses, an announcement on its public procurement tender has been envisaged.. Also, by the end of the year a signage of the contract will take place along with the company that will deliver the buses – said Mayor Petre ShilegovBuses will be built with a low-floor. Two-thirds of them will be articulated while one-third of them will only have a single compartment. So far, eco buses from various manufacturers – three gas buses and one electric bus – had a test drive across Skopje several times. The goal was to gain experience and to judge which type of bus is most suitable for the traffic in Skopje. Gas buses are energy efficient. Compared to the consumption of old diesel buses, these buses consume almost twice less fuel, which will further reduce the cost of the PE JSP-Skopje. The biggest advantage is that they emit substantially less CO2 which almost do not pollute the air at all.

The purpose of this procurement is to get Skopje a modern public transport, which is economically efficient and does not pollute the air.

The solution of the public transport problem in Skopje is part of the list of priorities of the City of Skopje, which deserves a bus service that will not pollute, will be energy efficient and will fully meet the needs of the citizens who use it.