“El Marítim Innovates”: new website to inform and promote citizen participation

“El Marítim Innovates” is a local initiative born in the framework of the European project MAtchUP, to renovate the Poblats Marítims districts.

01 Apr 2019 - NEWS RELEASE

During the presentation held on 25th March at Las Naves facilities, the new website www.elmaritiminnova.com has been introduced to citizens and local players. The website is a user-friendly tool to help people learn more about MAtchUP’s solutions for the district – in real-time and in a transparent way.

On 25th March, the València City Council and the Las Naves Innovation Centre have presented “El Marítim Innovates”, the local brand and local initiative of the European MAtchUP project, which will lead to an integral urban regeneration process in the Poblats Marítims district. All neighbours from Malva-Rosa, Cabanyal-Canyameral, El Grau, Natzaret and Beteró have been invited to the event to inform them about the over 50 innovative solutions in the fields of energy, mobility, IT and social actions that the local MAtchUP’s partners will carry out over the next years and will contribute to turn Valencia into a cutting-edge Smart City.

Attendants were introduced to the new website elmaritiminnova.com in order to become familiar with the new tool. Citizens can get real-time information about the progress of MAtchUP actions in the district, can read news about the project and experts’ interviews, as well as be informed about interesting initiatives at local, national and European level and express their suggestions.

Readers can choose the actions that they want to be informed about, among the list provided and stay in touch with the local innovation agency Las Naves to raise questions and give advices to contribute to the improvement of their city.

In line with what already done for citizen participation, the new website will publish the conclusions and the results of the city diagnosis of the three workshops done in Las Naves and attended by key agents from different sectors.