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31 Jul 2018 - NEWSLETTER

All cities that are part of the European MAtchUP project are proud to be members of such an ambitious urban regeneration initiative. Both Lighthouse cities such as València (Spain), Dresden (Germany) and Antalya (Turkey) and Follower cities such as Ostend (Belgium), Skopje (FYROM), Kerava (Finland) and Herzliya (Israel) are elated on being to share their progress to the rest of the world.

All of our activities focus on the three main axes – mobility, energy and ICT. Innovative solutions are being implemented to foster an urban transformation that ultimately improves the quality of life of our citizens.

Thanks to the efforts of our partners, MAtchUP has been presented in different local, national and international forums in order to inform about its lines of action. Among other international events, we were present at the “FTTH Conference” held in València, the “Sharing Cities Consortium and SCC01 Meeting” held in Lisbon, where the Lighthouse Cities Cooperation Manifesto was signed or the ISAlab2018 event organised by the Polytechnic University of València (UPV), as well as in other thematic meetings.

MAtchUP is amongst the 12 EU Lighthouse projects funded by the European Commission and collaborates strongly with the network and the other Smart City projects in order to find synergies, exchange best practices and overcome common challenges.

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