Why are cities speaking of high-performance districts?

The severe crisis in energy and resources is forcing European cities to improve their efficiency and look to sustainable alternatives as rapidly as possible.

04 Oct 2022 - PRESS RELEASE

4 October 2022 – Integration of renewable energies in the supply system, smart energy management and storage plans, innovative energy grids and advanced mobility infrastructure are just few alternatives implemented by MAtchUP’s cities to improve the efficiency of their districts.

The solutions are told in three digital interactive stories (pageflows) through videos, articles and pictures. Each story showcases the outcomes of one of the three project cities, Valencia, Dresden and Antalya, focusing on the technologies and the solutions implemented, the best practices and the lessons learnt during the five years of the project lifespan.

The digital stories show how the cities sought to seamlessly combine retrofitting, new constructions and smart control measures at their pilot sites.

They also give an overview the specific technological, ecological, and social metrics and procedures considered when planning a high-performance district.

Watch the stories of ValenciaDresdenAntalya.