Ostend is a medium-sized Belgian city, situated at the coastline of (West-)Flanders. With over five and half miles of sandy beaches, a royal history and an omnipresent gastronomy, Ostend is often called ‘the Queen of spa-towns’. Already in the 1850’, Ostend was the meeting place for the European aristocracy, a reputation that was enforced by the later efforts of King Leopold II.

With over more than 72.000 inhabitants and 130 nationalities, Ostend is a vibrant and truly cosmopolitan city. On peak days, it’s population explodes to more than 300.000 people (tourists and second residents). The presence of the seaport, airport and a wide scale of offshore and renewable energy-industry are just some of Ostend important economical strengths.

About a 1.000 people are working for the City of Ostend. Besides the municipality, Ostend has multiple autonomous agencies of which one is specialized in energy saving (EOS).


Arne Debruyne