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03 May 2022 - NEWSLETTER

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Dear Reader,

It’s time for new updates about MAtchUP! New solutions have been installed in our smart cities and are now available for and usable by the local community.

In Valencia, the municipality keeps improving the services in the Poblats Maritim district: the majores sobre rodes initiative gives elders a new possibility to move around the city; Las Naves Brillen is the first socialised PV plant in Valencia; finally, new smart lampposts with chargers for e-vehicles are now available to all citizens.

Dresden lights its nights in a smart but dim way, thanks to smart LED technology. As for energy, like in Valencia, the city is investing in the concept of prosumers to give more power and benefits to its citizens.

Antalya is scaling down on CO2 emissions to reduce by 40% by 2030. Moreover, being the city surrounded by farming areas, a share of the project investments was used in agriculture, to make life easier for farmers and ensure good quality and affordable foods for the citizens.

The webinar meetings are continuing, the last one was on 8th March and titled “Green energy in smart cities”. If you missed it or any previous episode, you could watch them on our YouTube channel. At the same link, you can also find some video interviews with local stakeholders from Dresden and Antalya.

At this point, I am sure you’d like to dive into the latest news from MAtchUP. So I’ll leave you to it and wish you a great new start!

Ernesto Faubel
Ayuntamiento de València
MAtchUP coordinator