Smart Cities move forward a more sustainable and inclusive mobility

The #WeMoveSmart campaign, which took place during the European Mobility Week, put in the spotlight on some of the mobility solutions adopted by MAtchUP's cities.

18 Dec 2020 - NEWS RELEASE

During the European Mobility Week (16-22 September 2020), MAtchUP and a cluster of EU-funded smart cities projects, launched a social media campaign with the hashtag #WeMoveSmart. The purpose was to raise awareness about the importance of smarter urban mobility and to give visibility to the measures that the European smart cities are carrying out. In the campaign, people were asked to “show their green way to move around in their city” by posting pictures, videos and short stories along with the hashtag #WeMoveSmart. The hashtag was mentioned 719 times, reaching a potential audience of 1,392,651 on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Many pictures of people travelling around with scooters, bikes, public transport and even foot were shared, showing that Europeans understand importance of more sustainable and inclusive transport for healthier towns. In fact transport and the associated use of fuel cause most urban air pollution


At MAtchUP we used this campaign as a chance to showcase some of the measures implemented in our smart cities.

In Valencia (SP),  7 e-ink panels have been installed in the 2 multimodal hubs of the Poblats Maritim distict. The panels offer information about the different means of transport available. As for public transport, 2 e-buses and 16 hybrid buses recently joined the fleet. The city also offers e-cars with sensors installed on board. Next steps: e-bikes and e-chargers.

In Dresden (GE) is improving the multimodal mobility of its city.  Seventeen Mobility Point (MOBIpunkt) are available in the city. They combine the environmentally friendly mobility offers of tram, bus, car-sharing and rental bikes as well as charging points for electric cars and offers optimal transfer conditions between the different means of transport. The MOBI points offer over 1,000 smartbikes to boost sustainable mobility especially for short distances in the city.

Antalya launched a contest to improve its sustainable urban mobility and the city won a prize from the competition of Union of Municipalities of Turkey for their “Bike carrying equipment mounted on buses” project.

Want to know more? Browse the Twitter posts that were shared with the hashtag #WeMoveSmart.